The Junior Rifle Training Division of our club is an active effort in training young and inexperienced shooters to develop their safety and marksmanship skills. Our discipline is a basic level event, but, through diligent progress, any shooter can progress to the highest levels of NRA accomplishment – Distinguished Expert in Smallbore Rifle.

We shoot match grade, single shot, bolt action .22 cal rifles with aperture sights. Most of the equipment necessary is provided by the club, but the shooters should bring their own eye protection (safety glasses).

Shooting is a lot of fun, but there are many points one must learn and put into practice to become a good rifle shooter.

First, one must know how to handle a rifle safely. The NRA basic rules for safe gun handling are:

  bullet ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

  bullet ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  bullet  ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

The new shooter starts from the bench-rest position and then progresses to prone, sitting, kneeling, and off-hand (standing) shooting. The participant’s progress is recorded and upon achieving specified levels of accomplishment, the shooter will be awarded medals or patches indicating that level of mastery.

One will also learn the five elements that must always be in place to fire a successful shot, which are: aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control, and follow through.

We have shooters working on many different levels of mastery; however, we have plenty of space and equipment for others, and new shooters may begin the program at any time.

Our match costs $10.00 for junior shooters and $13.00 for adult participants.

A new junior may participate only when the South Bay Rod and Gun Club’s Application for Membership and Authorization for Minors Participation in Shooting Sports forms are properly read, filled out, and signed by a parent or legal guardian, and delivered to the match director at the time of the training event with the appropriate fees. (First time participants will also pay the yearly membership fee as described on the membership application.) Download the forms by clicking on them.

If you are interested in safety and marksmanship training, we shoot at the 100 meter range on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month, from 8 AM sharp till 11. For additional information, you may call Jeff Maynard at (619) 426-4108.

South Bay Rod & Gun Club, 1020 Marron Valley Rd., Dulzura, CA 91917
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